Thursday, July 30, 2009

National Stationery Show 2009, part deux

I admit, I have waited way too long to finally post some pictures of my favorite designers and their booths from NSS this past May. The past few months consisted of many many follow ups and long stretches of non stop printing of orders and inventory. Not a bad thing to complain about, eh?

One thing I learned from last year to this is that it gets easier the second time round. Only slightly easier but enough for me to feel hopeful that eventually I′ll have more free time to enjoy what I accomplished.

Without further adieu, a little trip down memory lane. These pics are a few choice booths of fellow letterpress printers whom I admire.

Kamal is an exciting newcomer to the show. Her designs is a mix of modern aesthetics and Indian sensibility. I met her and her sweet family on the first day of set up where she was torn over a mixup with her booth. Does she cut up her prepared wall to fit a smaller space and stay near the more high end designers or does she keep it intact and move to a lower traffic area where she can potentially be swallowed up by large corporations. In the end, she decided to stay put and chop. Boy, did she do a wonderful job! You would have never guessed looking at her dynamic booth that spontaneous rearrangement happened the day before!  

Our cheery neighbors from Someday Designs. They design and sell beautiful wedding albums.  They were also the ones who called Dan eye candy!

Night Owl Paper Goods from Owlbama!
Sugarcube Press from Ventura, CA. I love how they sprinkled “sugar” all over their booth!

Two Trick Pony with their beautifully screen printed retro cards. How much do you love their circus tent  booth?

From my alma matar, Shino and Ken from Fugu Fugu Press. A shout out to John from A Single Tree for an innovative booth design and construction. There are hidden pockets in the booth for storage. Can you spot them?

Our other neighbor, Linda and Harriett. They kept my stomach growling throughout the show as they gave away home baked banana bread!

Last and not least, Brad from Maginating! I could not have asked for a better  wall neighbor! He’s also my neighbor in LA. Well, relatively speaking... considering he’s 20 mins. away as opposed to across the country like other fellow printers.

There you have it! My waaaay late wrap up of the National Stationery Show ’09. At the rate I’m posting this,  it can serve as a reminder for us to start thinking of next year’s show!