Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Featured Store: Urban Mercantile, San Francisco

I spent the past Christmas weekend up north with Dan's family in Cupertino. Talk about a food coma Christmas with fresh steamed crabs, prime rib, his mother's famous oatmeal muffin (legend has it that Dan inhaled 13 muffins in one sitting, must've been his younger days), cherry pie (another famous recipe) and way more food than I can list.  

After a day of visiting friends in the city, Dan and I decided to explore Haight-Ashbury (hmmm, quite an interesting sub culture there) and walk off some calories while we were at it. Lo and behold, on the way, we passed by Urban Mercantile, one of the wonderfully modern boutiques that carry our products. Of course we went in to look around and take some pictures for our blog (which also gives us the idea to feature stores we like every so often!). What a store! The shop is full of precious collections for the home. I was a bit sad that owner, Bradly, wasn't there that day.  I highly recommend stopping by if you're in town.  

85 Carl Street San Francisco, California 94117

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